Employment Law

Employment Law

In recent years, the employment and labour laws landscape in Kenya has considerably changed. Quite a number of obligations have been imposed by statute on employers and there are serious attendant sanctions for non-compliance. The interpretation given by our courts on some statutory provisions have been momentous. Substantial awards have been awarded against employers. We are always keeping tabs of the emerging jurisprudence from our courts and best practice from other jurisdictions in order to advise our clients to avoid or minimize liability. Our team comprises of leading lawyers who have been acclaimed both locally and internationally for their expertise in employment and labour relations matters.

We handle both contentious and non-contentions matters including representations in court, drafting of employee contracts, drafting and reviewing polices and manuals, advice on termination, dismissals, redundancies and restructuring, managing employee-exists, advising on post-termination restrictions, advice on collective bargaining and negotiations, secondment, outsourcing and transfer of employees, offering wide range of advice employment and labour laws.

We regularly conduct training on employment and labour relations matters including conducting HR and labour audits, managing termination of employment and statutory and legal compliance among others.

Our partners George Kashindi and Irene Kashindi have co-authored a comprehensive case law Digest of recent employment and labour relations by the Kenyan courts.