Tax litigation, advisory and support services.

Tax litigation, advisory and support services.

Our firm specializes in providing expert tax advisory and tax litigation services to clients drawn from various industries including, manufacturing, service industries, engineering and construction among others. The education background and work experience of our team members ensure that we give well-rounded and top-rate tax legal services.

We have experience in representing tax payers gained from our previous representation of clients before the now defunct Local Committee, VAT Tribunal, Customs Valuation Appeals, Tribunal, Customs and Excise Tribunal which were succeeded by the current Tax Appeals Tribunal. We have also represented tax payers before the High Court and Court of Appeal some of which have been precedent setting litigation. We have successfully applied to court for orders to bar KRA from taking enforcement action against tax payers.

Our advisory and value- add tax services include advice on tax compliance, general tax advisory, tax reviews, audit and “health” checks, management of KRA tax audits, international executive services such as tax planning, cross border tax advisory service, client information services including updates on legislative changes, tax developments and budget briefs and lobbying for legal reform.

We regularly appear before the Tax Appeals Tribunal and the Courts to represent clients in challenging tax assessments and demands.